Every user is unique.

Platform Features

  • Best-in-Class content recommendation algorithms and recommendation engines that power either 1:1 recommendations or 'Most Popular' recommendations for your content portfolio

  • Content Recommendations that can be made across all communication channels - email, mobile, and onsite.

  • Our clients love that our platform gathers data in real-time on their consumers' individual interests, based on activity on their website, mobile device and tablet, all tied to an email address so that recommendations are served dynamically with the best content set at the right time and on the right device.

We not only help you grow your current onsite and newsletter audience, but also improve the depth of sessions and return visit rates, all while reducing overall opt-outs.

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We help automate complex marketing campaigns across email, mobile and onsite, so that your marketing team can focus more on campaign optimization instead of campaign creation.

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Recommendations That Are Truly Personalized

Automation that Gets Smarter

Omnichannel Analytics that are Actionable

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We help combine demographic, behavioral, and contextual based profiles to form a more robust understanding of each individual consumer, so that product recommendations or content recommendations are personalized across all of your channels.  They are the most relevant, timely and engaging interactions possible.

We help you easily perform cohort analysis, calculate customer lifetime value, in minutes versus days. That means you can act faster and create better campaigns that yield even greater returns the next time you run them.

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Audience Development that Develops

Sailthru delivers a 360° solution for Publishers

Organizations need to
go further with their
personalization efforts
in 2014, first by
delivering the right
experience to the
right user at the right
time and on the right device and next by delivering relevant, tailored experiences that meet individual user needs by combining historical, behavioral, and profile data with real-time situational feedback.

Advance To Next Generation Personalization

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