Geolocation is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of mobile marketing -- yet it’s also the least understood.

While it offers marketers and app developers a great opportunity for engaging app users in meaningful ways, the end consumer must always be top of mind or else you can easily risk violating privacy concerns, draining their batteries, and ultimately losing their trust. On the flip side, when done right, geolocation marketing on your app can help you build deeper customer relationships, drive app engagement and increase both digital and in-store sales.

To help make the most of location services for your app, download our complete guide to location services where we:

  • Examine specific location-based use cases available for mobile apps
  • Discuss key questions of privacy that relate to use cases
  • Look at the technical trade-offs inherent in the use of geolocation and settings/permissions needed
  • Review tactics to help win customers' consent to activate location tracking

Our goal: to help you develop and deliver more compelling communications across multiple devices, generating the superior customer experiences that lead to long-term brand health.

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