An in-depth look at best practices and strategies leading edge marketers are adopting and adapting to increase revenue for today, and for the long-term, through increasing purchase conversion.

Every year marketers in digital retail are expected to do more. From adding new channels to their marketing mix, to increasing revenue targets, today's modern marketers are challenged to meet company goals often without any additional resources. The secret behind achieving more is not simply doing more; it's about working smarter, not harder.

To help, we recently surveyed 200+ digital retail marketers to find out where they are most focused on innovation to drive success with less, and how they are approaching investments to achieve their their goals. 

Download the full report to learn: 

  • How to break through barriers to meet goals for the years to come  

  • Trends on the key channels successful marketers are investing in

  • Practical applications of critical areas of innovation, like personalization and AI 

  • Strategic recommendations on how to put these innovations into action

Email is experiencing a renaissance as retailers recognize that it is no longer a standalone channel, rather a part of a complete retention strategy capable of delivering significant revenue.

But the Request for Proposal documents used to select email service providers has lagged behind, and is not equipped to evaluate for innovation or continuous advancement. 

To help retention-focused retailers modernize the RFP approach, our team of retention marketing experts have identified four core areas the email RFP must be overhauled, and included the new, modern questions to use in your own RFP.

Download this guide to discover how to find a partner that moves beyond antiquated batch-and-blast methodologies to impact:

  • Customer retention rates and revenue
  • Personalization sophistication
  • Cross-channel marketing capabilities
  • Effective reporting, impactful data and predictive analytics
Who should download:
  • Internet Retailer Top 1,000 Digital Marketing executives
  • Directors of CRM and Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing Managers

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for industry-leading insights



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